My goal in jewelry making is to create jewelry unique as you.  I want to set you off so that people can see your personality in your jewelry.  The jewelry is YOURS and you wear it with pride.

I have found that one of the easiest way to do this is to add color.  Enameling by definition includes color. Very finely powdered and colored glass is fused to metal.  But the choice of color reveals personality. Color can convey classism, fun-loving, creativity or anything else.

Look at the images below and see what personality traits are conveyed to you.

There are other ways to add color. One involves adding color or patina directly to the metal. Liver of sulfur blackens, Vintaj paints are specially formulated to paint metal jewelry, alcohol inks puts a wash on the metal and torch coloring alters the color of metal with flame.  See the examples below to see examples. (There are other ways such as swellegant, but I am not proficient in this method.)

Flamed color.
Liver of sulfur.
Alcohol inks


More variation can be added by removing part of the color and letting the metal below show through.  The first example below shows liver of sulfur applied to textured metal and then removed from the high spots .  The second shows gilders paste applied to etched metal and letting the paste color the low spots. The third show a painted pair of foldformed earrings with the paint dremeled off the fold.

Decals of all sorts can be added.

Obviously, there are numerous ways to add color to jewelry. It just takes creativity and courage.  (Most of these techniques cannot be undone!). But I will continue to make my jewelry as unique as you.

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