Texturing is Fundamental


In most jewelry lessons, books and tutorials, texturing is covered near the end of the  lesson. I think this is a mistake, if you’ve done all the forming and soldering and basically finished your project, it’s too late to think about texturing.  TEXTURING NEEDS TO BE DONE ON A FLAT PIECE OF METAL.

Why texture?

A piece of jewelry made of untextured metal can be extremely pretty.  Take a look at this silver untextured bangle bracelet.


Now look at this one

It’s still simple.  But it’s more individual.  Anyone can wear the first bracelet,  but only the right person can wear the second.


Using textured plates 

This is the easiest way for texturing.  Just buy your metal pretextured. Most metal supplier off a variety of textures in various metal

.But you’re limited in the types of metals and designs.  And it can be expensive.


This is my favorite way of adding texture.  You can do it with texturing hammer- the “jeweler” way or you can improvise- the “creative/poor person” way.  Just take your piece of metal, lay it against something textured and hammer away. The texture piece can be a screen, a piece of sandpaper, the cement, a collection of seed beads or anything else with texture.  Alternatively, you can lay the texture piece on top of the metal and whaling away. (Technical term.)

 Just be sure to try it with inexpensive metal before you use the good stuff.

These are the easy ways.  The ways that don’t require much investment in tools.  

Contact me if you want to know more ways.


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