About Me

I have been making jewelry as an essential tool for my retirement. I had been in advertising on Madison Avenue, going to school at night for my MBA and taking ballet lessons. Then KABOOM! I was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis which lead to my retirement and a move to Maryland.

I ended up in a wheelchair, but that was okay. I became an adaptive skier and vigorous adaptive biker. Then KABOOM AGAIN! I developed pressure sores on my butt from the wheelchair, so I had to give up skiing and biking. Butt sores meant bedrest, surgeries, years of nursing care and almost total confinement to bed.

On one ski trip to Colorado, before before butt sores, I was taught how to make beaded necklaces and taken to a bead show. I was overwhelmed by all the beads and had to be stopped from shooting my entire wad. But I did come home with quite an assortment.

Later I was confined to bed because of the butt sores. I quickly got bored watching tv, so I started making beaded necklaces and then I learned wire-work. I finally got the courage to pick up a torch. (There’s nothing like a woman with a torch.) I learned enameling and metal-work-working. I now consider myself a metalsmith-but with still much to learn.

My goal is to make beautiful jewelry and to further explore the techniques of metalsmithing. I am sometimes stunned by my creation and sometimes frustrated by the waste of both energy and materials. I hope that the jewelry that passes my inspection appeals to you.

I welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use my Contact Me page to tell me what you would like to see.

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